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What Others Say

Bravo to Myrtle Beach!

- "Love your store in Myrtle Beach! Reminded us of the food markets in Italy with the wonderful olive oil and balsamic vendors and the tastings there. Bravo! Only wish we could make up our own sampler packages. Great for ourselves and perfect for gifts. Please add this to your offerings! Thank you!!!"

Love this Store!

- "I walked the Landing and came into the store and sampled several items. I couldn't wait to tell my family as we love cooking. This store is great!!! Thank you for a an Awesome store."

Pleased with our Visit!

- "Just had a wonderful time on our first visit....your Myrtle Beach store. My one comment to the clerk as I left is echoed here in your other comments. It would be great to make your own sampler package. Although I bought 3 olive oils and 3 vinegars in the smallet size bottles, I KNOW I would have tried more varieties with the sample size bottles."

Loving Market Common Store!

- "I love your store at the Market Commons!"

Come to Syracuse!

- "Love the MB store ~ the colors, set up, samples, floors, etc. etc. etc."

Excited for the Coconut Balsamic

- "I love your new store at Market Commons!!! I can't wait to use my coconut balsamic on some grilled shrimp."

Yay for Branson

- "We visited the Branson store....loving the oil!"

The Creation of a Monster

- "My kid is lapping up the Red Apple Balsamic. He still asks for it by the spoonful!! We may have created a monster."

Lavender Please

- "Love the lavender balsamic. So good on salads, tuna, and watermelon!"

Chocolate All Around!

- "Chocolate balsamic makes a great shooter!"

A Must Stop in Branson!

- "The Branson Landing is so much fun to shop at!! Devo Olive Oil is a MUST STOP when in Branson for now on!!!! :)"

A Happy Vegan!

- "Omg you guys, Devo Olive Oil says that it's Natural Butter Flavored Olive Oil is dairy-free! My morning toast will be happy now."

What a Headache!

- "Devo Olive Oil rocks! Just so many choices...head hurting...."

Taking Cooking to Another Level!

- "THANK YOU DEVO OLIVE OIL!!!  I have really enjoyed DEVO products; they are wonderful!!  I have cooked with Olive Oil before, but not to this level, and I have cooked very little with Vinegars other than Apple Cider and White.  This has given me an opportunity to be A LOT more creative with my cooking and baking.  I'm so glad that I found your Store at the Branson Landing!!!"

She Loves our Oils... Just a Little!

- "Love, love, love the olive oil and balsamic vinegrettes we just got at your store in Branson!! Please open a store close to us :)"


- "I am hooked on the vinegars. They make great salad dressings all by themselves."

Olive Oils, Vinegars, and Pastas, Oh My!

- "I absolutely love all the products that I have gotten from you!! Your products are the best; Olive Oils, Vinegars, and pastas. I have a list of others that I haven't tried, but want to!!!"

Come To Florida!

- "Amazing place!! This business would be a perfect addition to Lakeside Village in Lakeland, FL."

Thanks For Making Such An Awesome Product!

- "My sister and brother-in-law gave us some of your cilantro and roasted onion Olive Oil. AMAZING! I've used a lot of it already. Thanks for making such an awesome product!"


- "Love love love this store!!! OMG!"